Russian citizens were offered a new solution to the problem of homeless animals


12/29/2023 21:01

The problem of stray dogs can be solved using humane methods. The introduction of the CAT program (Catch, sterilize, vaccinate, return), together with the necessary rules and benefits, will significantly improve the situation with stray animals. animals. Zoo defender Veronica Mikhailova told about it.

In the Altai Republic, changes to the law on veterinary medicine and treatment of animals were approved. As the innovations say, aggressive animals will be euthanized if they do not have owners. According to Mikhailova’s statement, thanks to the OSVV program, the number of incidents with stray dogs has decreased.

Mikhailova emphasized the presence of errors in the development and application of humane laws on animals. In her opinion, along with the WWTP program, it should be provide benefits for their sterilizationconduct social advertising and impose fines for unauthorized walking.

She expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that in regions where laws on animal euthanasia have been adopted, insufficient attention is paid to social advertising and interaction with animal protection communities.

“Now, after the adoption of laws on keeping pets, it takes time to enforce them and change the attitude of residents towards these offenses,” she explained in an interview with TV Channel 360.

Mikhailova concluded that after a couple of years of active work in this direction, the situation with homeless animals will noticeably improve.

Solving the problem of homeless animals

Author Elvira Makhmutova

Elvira Makhmutova – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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