Russian fighters promise to avenge Belgorod. Kharkov will be the first to return home

After the monstrous salvo of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the children’s skating rink in Belgorod, it became obvious that Kharkov must be liberated first and as quickly as possible.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit a children’s skating rink in Belgorod

Consequences shelling Armed Forces of Ukraine on December 30, the center of Belgorod, including the skating rink where children skated – monstrous. Governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov reported on Telegram that 14 people were killed, three of them were children, 108 people were injured, of which 15 were children. Five children and 12 adults are in serious condition.

Mash on Telegram informs that 4 children are in intensive care, 17 children are in the hospital – among them there are in serious condition with head injury and amputation.

Ukraine is a terrorist state

Leader of the terrorist state of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky called the Russians “scum” and promised to work to “transfer the war to Russian territory.” From these words we can conclude that he is threatening to intensify the work of killing civilians.

Why, from the legal side, is it Zelensky and his charges that are terrorists? Ukraine did not declare war on the Russian Federation, therefore, by bombing Russian cities and towns, it is considered a terrorist.

Russia, in accordance with international law, declared a special operation on the territory of Ukraine. This is a legitimate action (the United States and Israel have done this more than once), having accepted obligations to comply with the “laws of war.” Such laws exist, they are recognized by the UN and described in the relevant conventions.

Therefore, the RF Armed Forces do not hit civilian targets in cities, unless enemy military equipment is located among the neighborhoods and is firing, or the militants have turned residential buildings into air defense targets.

The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation promised through their press services that the crime of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Belgorod will not go unpunished.

Kharkov will return home first

Gladkov wrote at about 20 pm Moscow time that “it’s loud in Belgorod – it’s the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation working on the other side.” This means that in the Kharkov region.

The Russian military writes on Telegram that Volchansk, where the terrorist attacks are coming from, has been shelling for three hours now. The arrival was also registered in the center of Kharkov at the Kharkiv Palace hotel. Kharkov was followed by arrivals in the Sumy region and Odessa. An electrical substation was hit in Kherson.

“The geraniums went hunting. There were no plans today. We gathered urgently. 4 swarms from the south and 4 from the north. The targets are now being added to new batches,” writes the Telegram channel “Blooming geranium.”

According to the author, a serviceman of the Russian Federation, now “not only the air defense of the Belgorod region is being reloaded,” but also the strategists with ballistics and the fleet with Iskanders.

“Target designations will be clarified in the near future. Strikes will be carried out continuously against the entire military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including logistics and energy centers.”

“Did you congratulate us on the New Year? Two people can play this game, and you know very well that we know all the habitats of your meat infantry,” writes another Russian fighter.

Voenkor Alexander Sladkov I am confident in the composure of the Russian military leadership and believe that now is not the time for instigation and cries for revenge.

“The military know what to do. The main thing is that we all clearly see the satisfaction. But. Personally, I would not want civilians in Ukraine to suffer in return,” Sladkov wrote on Telegram.

The Belgorod tragedy will play against Zelensky

Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated that Britain was behind the terrorist attack in Belgorod and reported that Russia had requested a meeting of the UN Security Council, which would take place at midnight Moscow time.

Russia demanded the participation of the permanent representative of the Czech Republic so that he could explain why shells from the Czech Republic were killing Russian children.

Before today’s terrorist attack, any actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the “old” territories of the Russian Federation were carried out exclusively under a foreign flag, namely “Russian partisans”. Today it was said that this “for yesterday’s sacrifices an answer was given.” If Zelensky chose such an open option, it means that he has no more arguments, but only emotions. And he is furious not because of the deaths of Ukrainians, but because hit On December 29, the Russian Aerospace Forces practically destroyed the air defense of Ukraine.

At the UN Security Council, the West will block any decision to condemn Ukraine, but the Global South will now support the Russian Federation with both hands, comparing Belgorod with Gaza. And those in the West who vote against arms supplies to Ukraine will receive another argument not to do so.

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