Russian tourist drowned while snorkeling

Tragedy in Bali: Russian tourist drowned while snorkeling


02/13/2024 14:37

On an Indonesian island Bali A Russian tourist died while snorkeling, a type of swimming with a mask and a breathing tube. According to information from the Detik portal, the incident happened on the beach Bias Tugel.

According to the publication, the incident occurred in the village of Padangbai, Mangis district, Bali. The head of the local police public relations department, I Gede Sukadana, said:

“A foreign citizen from Russia drowned this morning on Bias Tugel Beach. Before the tragedy, the 37-year-old tourist was snorkeling with his friends.”

According to him, the deceased and his friends went on a long voyage to the sea for the purpose of snorkeling. However, after 20 minutes, his friends lost sight of him and began searching. The body of the Russian tourist was discovered only an hour and a half later.

So far, local police have not provided information about the causes of the man’s sudden death. It is noted that his body was taken to the hospital.

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