Russians were given advice on how to have a quality rest during the New Year holidays

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Often the level of stress in December breaks all records. As a result, even long holidays do not help to recover. Psychologist and specialist of the Profi service Irina Andrievskaya told Gazeta.Ru about this.

“To avoid being a squeezed lemon in January, preparations for the New Year should be used as a source of inspiration. Try to get into a festive mood and anticipation of a long-awaited vacation. The main thing is not to put off choosing gifts until the last day, and then New Year’s shopping can turn into therapeutic,” she explained.

New Year’s holidays usually include many events, meetings and even travel. To leave time for healthy relaxation, it is worth maintaining a balance between active pastime and taking care of your health.

“Make time in your schedule to fully replenish your resources. At the same time, try not to deviate from your usual sleep schedule and do not forget about daily rituals. This way, returning to the work and school rhythm will be less painful,” the psychologist added.

Everyone has their own concept of quality rest. It is important to listen to yourself and understand what exactly helps you regain your strength.

“Some people want to recharge their energy during the New Year holidays – take up active sports, attend noisy parties in the city and visit all the exhibitions. Those who have experienced social burnout at work may prefer to retire to the countryside with their favorite book. Try yourself in something new: yoga, drawing, dancing. Long holidays are an opportunity to do something that you have long dreamed of, but still haven’t found the time,” advised Andrievskaya.

For many, the New Year is a new starting point. During December, most people are trying hard to complete things so that on January 1 they can start everything “from scratch” (especially since the first day of 2024 falls on Monday). However, we must remember that this holiday is just an ordinary day on the calendar. If it was not possible to complete things this year, then there were reasons for it.

“You shouldn’t pay attention to the results that popular bloggers sum up on social networks. Everyone has their own pace. Even mistakes and losses can be turned into a plus. You need to rest without remorse, no matter what. Perhaps you just didn’t have enough time to restore your energy to achieve your goal. And the feeling of guilt only takes away strength,” the expert stated.

In addition, New Year is a family holiday. It is worth remembering this during the preparation period for it.

“If you don’t help the hostess with the festive table, then she will have no strength left to celebrate. Try to think through the menu in advance, distribute purchases and responsibilities around the house. For example, delegate to younger family members to decorate the house, and to men to go to the supermarket for shopping,” the psychologist concluded.

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