saving a family using Emergency SOS in the mountains

Survival story: saving a family using Emergency SOS in the mountains


03/25/2024 01:17

An incident involving a family in the Mount Hood National Forest this week clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of Apple’s Emergency SOS satellite feature. A group of four adults and two children who faced severe weather conditions used an iPhone to call for help.

According to information released by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, on Tuesday, March 19, a family member used Emergency SOS after a difficult trek through mountainous terrain. Satellite communications came in handy given limited access to mobile communications or Wi-Fi.

Although contact was established around 7:30 pm, rescue efforts were hampered by difficult weather conditions and terrain. Despite the use of all-terrain vehicles by search and rescue, the family could not be reached that night. They were discovered only around 6:00 the next morning, cold, wet and dehydrated.

There was a possibility of using a helicopter to help, but due to weather conditions this turned out to be impossible. Ultimately, a snowmobile from a neighboring county arrived and, negotiating difficult terrain, was able to get the family to safety by 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

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