Sergei Lazarev was outraged that everyone wants to appropriate his “disco grandma”

Sergey Lazarev reproached his show business colleagues for hype on his “disco grandma”


02/13/2024 21:29

Singer Sergey Lazarev dissatisfied with the fact that everyone is trying to profit from the story with his elderly fan from Syktyvkar, who was nicknamed “disco grandma.”

For a 65-year-old resident of the Komi Republic named Lidia Ulyasheva Sergey Lazarev was the first to notice. An elderly woman danced energetically at his concert in Syktyvkar. The video of the grandmother dancing has received millions of views.

After this, some celebrities also decided to somehow join in the general hype. Blogger Oksana Samoilova stated that wants to help Lydia to make her dream come true by showing her Moscow.

Lazarev himself is not delighted with such hype.

“Several TV channels have already come and filmed a story about her – they hyped it up. But no real help! People in the city immediately remembered about her – they came up to take pictures, again for the sake of their likes, in return no help,” the singer said.

The artist recalled that Lydia Ulyasheva is a woman with special needs. He fears that it may be used in a situation where the grandmother needs real help. Lazarev himself promised to pay the woman for rented housing.

Author Elena Bylkina

Elena Bylkina – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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