Singer Nyusha radically changed her image – subscribers compared her to Instasamka


30.12.2023 17:29

Throughout the winter season, the slavic core trend continues to attract the attention of Western stars, and domestic celebrities do not stand aside, choosing glamorous looks with luxurious fur coats. The latest in this trend is singer Nyusha. She suddenly deleted most of the photos from her account and unveiled fresh footage and announced the beginning of a “new era.”

Subscribers’ opinions about the singer’s unexpected “winter” look, as always, were divided. Most of the followers literally did not recognize the star and expressed their doubts, looking at other celebrities instead of Nyusha.

“Is this Nyusha? She became someone else”, “Why copy Instasamka?”, “Kind of Kim?”, “Where is the old Nyusha?” – commentators ask questions.

Another image of the singer caused even more indignation – with a smooth hairstyle, dark lipstick and a massive cross pendant.

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Author Maria Petrova

Maria Petrova – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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