Spartak player Zorin told how the foreign players are doing with their knowledge of the Russian language

Spartak footballer Zorin named the team’s foreign players who speak Russian better than anyone else


03/25/2024 19:31

Midfielder for Spartak and the Russian youth team Daniil Zorin told what foreign players in the team speak Russian best.

Zorin noted that all legionnaires are very friendly and communicating with them is a pleasure. According to the football player, now Srdjan Babic And Oleg Ryabchuk They speak Russian quite well. However, the remaining legionnaires who do not yet speak Russian are actively trying to learn it.

In general, there are no problems with language communication in the team, the athlete emphasized.

“All the guys are very positive, great communication with everyone. Srdjan Babic now more or less speaks Russian, Oleg Ryabchuk too. Legionnaires who don’t yet speak Russian are trying to learn the language, but everyone understands everything in English. No problem “, Zorin said in a conversation with the Championship.

Currently, Spartak ranks sixth in the Russian football championship standings. The team scored 31 points after playing 20 matches. Guillermo Abascal has been leading the Moscow team since June 2022. Under his leadership, the “red-whites” played 70 official matches, winning 35, drawing 14 times and suffering 21 defeats.

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