State secretaries can have everything – despite the photos, Tamás Menczer denies that he parked illegally

Ákos Hadházy posted photos of the state secretary of foreign affairs standing on the sidewalk in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with his car, while Menczer claims that he just let the driver drive and drove on.

It seems that one or two members of the government were taught the tricks of parking by András Kern. Ákos Hadházy is an independent member of parliament posted pictures on Facebook about that

State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Tamás Menczer stopped his official car on the sidewalk at his workplace, right in front of the entrance.

The photo clearly shows the secretary of state, the car parked in the prohibited area – only the guilty driver is nowhere Photo: Facebook/Ákos Hadházy

He claims he does it all for the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because he is afraid of questions from his constituents and journalistsand wants to stand as close as possible to the entrance to avoid answering.

THE HVG looked after everythingand asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the following questions:

Did the secretary of state receive a parking fine for this?

Why is Tamás Menczer forced to drive up to the door, while there are parking spaces specifically reserved for the ministry’s vehicles in front of the building’s entrance?

A very surprising answer came from you from Tamás Menczer, who flatly denied that he had committed the traffic violation.

“I didn’t “park” on the sidewalk, I got out of the car, my colleague who was in the car stopped immediately, I didn’t restrict anyone in anything for a moment.”

The only problem is that the “guilty driver” is nowhere to be seen in the photos, i.e. if Menczer’s car is not self-driving, or if the driver does not play the title role of the Invisible Manthen surely the answer is more than “lame”.

Menczer called Hadházy “a running fool with holey socks”, then he added: it is a new part of his life to be sneakily photographed here and there. “It’s okay, I encourage everyone to keep it up. This also shows that what I do and say annoys the left! They can count on me in the future as well” – can be read at the end of the State Secretary’s answer.

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