Strategic Missile Forces began exercises on coherence

Photo: Press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense/TASS

Photo: Press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense/TASS

In accordance with the training plan for the Strategic Missile Forces, the Strategic Missile Forces command commission began a comprehensive control check of the Tagil missile formation.

“Among the main goals of the inspection is to assess the real state of affairs and the level of combat readiness of the missile formation, as well as the work of the management team in organizing the implementation of the tasks set for the 2023 academic year,” the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

The department noted that the Strategic Missile Forces commission checks “the coherence of the actions of military personnel in carrying out tasks.”

The main goal of the command and staff exercises will be to improve the practical skills of the command and control officers of the missile formation and military units in organizing and implementing all types of support. During the exercises, military personnel practice countering various means of air attack, as well as interaction with formations and units of the Central Military District.

Let us note that last year similar training sessions took place with the Yasnensky missile formation. And then more than 3 thousand military personnel and about 300 units of military equipment were involved in the command post exercise in the Orenburg region.

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