Szijjártó tried to brag, but his plan backfired

They calculated how much the many hours spent flying cost the taxpayers.

MTI/Tamás Kovács

Péter Szijjártó published a post on his social media page in which he writes that in 2023 he spent exactly 829 hours and 50 minutes flying – strictly for work. For this, he used the military luxury jet and the Airbus, which cost at least HUF 3 million per hour to operate.

In the post, the Minister of Foreign Affairs highlights how good it is to be at home after such a busy year, i.e. he tried to boast about the many flights – or work. He probably did not expect that someone would calculate exactly how much this flight would cost – but Ákos Hadházy did exactly that.

In other words, the fact that Szijjártó was able to travel on a non-scheduled flight cost the taxpayers about HUF 2.5 billion (!) last year alone. In a low voice. Thus, at the end of the year, one can read about many summaries, but none of them are as sickeningly cheeky as that of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The independent politician adds:

Of course, the minor problem in these trips was what he was traveling with. The bigger problem is that, with the exception of Kim Jong Un, he visited practically all the incompetent dictators and war criminals of the world. There were several. In the greatest friendship. Shame, shame on all of us

– writes.

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