Szilárd Németh ate something surprising – the commentators fell for him immediately

Szilárd Németh treated himself and his family to duck liver foam at Christmas, but now something completely different was on the table.

The vice president of Fidesz revealed that Kusaka Nao and Ikeda Ryuto, the Japanese tightrope champions, were also preparing for the world championships in Csepel, at KIMBA.

Come on, KIMBA! Come on, Csepel!

– he wrote to the post, on which two huge plates of sushi are waiting to be eaten.

However, the commenters did not like it, as some did not understand where it was compared to a good tripe stew.

And how will these decent sportsmen be ashamed if they find out that they used a family-owned money laundering foundation supported by billions by a dictatorship for this.

– another commenter wrote to the picture.

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