Tarlós does not want to be the protagonist of the campaign, but he constantly intervenes in the battle of the candidates

The former mayor told again why “Alexandra” is the most suitable candidate for mayor, with whom a kind of father-daughter relationship developed.

István Tarlós gave an interview to Metropolto tell he certainly does not want to be the protagonist of the campaign. Despite this, he spoke about why he is sure that “Fidesz can collect the most votes in Budapest” with Alexandra Szentkirályi. According to him, Szentkirályi

“he communicates very well, he is at home in the humanitarian field, and he can be a good face for Budapest, because that doesn’t matter either”, and “he has the most powerful lobbyist in terms of developments”.

István Tarlós and Alexandra Szentkirályi in 2014 Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák

Tarlós said the mayorship is a ten-trial occupationand according to him, if someone shows a one-way, extreme interest in, say, transportation, but looks uninterested in the other sectors of the capital municipality, then it is not certain that he will be a good mayor.

“Here you have to find the right proportions, and I see this in Alexandra much more than in Dávid”

– said Tarlós, who in the interview only refers to Dávid Vitézy and Alexandra Szentkirályi by their first names. And about the latter, he also said that “a kind of father-daughter relationship developed between them.”

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