Ten ways to help burn more calories while walking

Ten ways to help burn more calories while walking


03/26/2024 20:07

There are proven methods that will help burn more calories when walking. The website offered ten working ways to increase the energy efficiency of walking.

  1. Choose challenging routes with obstacles such as uneven surfaces, elevation changes and climbs. This will force the muscles to work more intensely.
  2. Try to vary the surface under your feet, alternately preferring sand, snow or stones, which will force the muscles to adapt to different angles of movement.
  3. Try to alternate walking speeds, creating intervals between intense and slow sections.
  4. Increase the intensity of your walking by speeding up the pace and adding more arm movements.
  5. You can use additional loads, such as a backpack, Nordic poles, or weights for the arms and legs.
  6. Combine walking with physical exercises such as arm swings, knee raises, or squats.
  7. Dress lightly while walking, try to wear fewer layers of clothing to move more intensely and thereby warm up more actively and at the same time lose calories.
  8. Include walking up stairs and up hills, which causes increased muscle work and increased calorie consumption.
  9. Increase your walking time to burn more calories. Walking for many hours can be not only useful, but also interesting if you try hiking or trekking routes.
  10. Sometimes you can alternate walking with light jogging, which helps increase the intensity of your workout and burn calories.

However, before starting a new training program, it is always recommended to seek advice from a specialist to tailor it to your needs and capabilities.

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