The Brazilian president planned a coup, was arrested, and the Hungarians hid him

According to a report by The New York Times, Jair Bolsonaro, the former president of Brazil, spent two nights at the Hungarian embassy, ​​where he applied for asylum. This event was revealed based on the footage of the embassy’s security cameras.

On February 8, Brazilian police confiscated Bolsonaro’s passport and arrested two of his former aides on charges of plotting a coup after Bolsonaro lost the 2022 presidential election.

On February 12, Jair Bolsonaro was waiting at the entrance of the Brazilian-Hungarian embassy, ​​where the Hungarian ambassador Miklós Halmai and members of the staff were waiting for him. According to security camera footage, the former president stayed at the embassy until February 14, accompanied by two security guards. The footage was cross-checked with images taken from the embassy, ​​including satellite images showing the car in which Bolsonaro arrived parked in the driveway on February 13.

An official at the Hungarian embassy, ​​who requested anonymity, confirmed Bolsonaro’s reception. According to The New York Times, Bolsonaro went there because no one can be arrested there, as embassies are legally off-limits to the authorities.

Bolsonaro and Viktor Orbán have had a close relationship for years, and during the Brazilian president’s visit to Hungary in 2022, he called Viktor Orbán his “brother”. Bolsonaro’s lawyer and the Hungarian embassy were also asked about the case in question, but they did not wish to comment for the time being.

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