The CDT Syndicate demands that Al-Mirawi and Ait Taleb appear before Parliament to stop the congestion in the faculties of medicine and pharmacy – Today 24

The Confederation Union in the Council of Advisors entered the tension and tension between students in the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and government, demanding an urgent meeting of the Education and Social Affairs Committee.

In this regard, the coordinator of the Democratic Confederation of Labor Group in the House of Councilors, Al-Karsh Khalihan, sent a request to the Chairman of the Education, Cultural and Social Affairs Committee inviting him to hold a committee meeting to discuss the issue of the escalating congestion among students in the faculties of medicine and pharmacy.

In his request, the coordinator of the CDT Syndicate group urged the need for both the Ministers of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, and Health and Social Protection to attend the Council of Advisors “in order to discuss the issue of the congestion occurring at the level of the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry.”

Bashar pointed out that students in the colleges of medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry are still clinging to their protests and boycotting studies, at a time when college administrations have begun to implement sanctions against a number of students, and to issue decisions requiring the dissolution of their offices and the prohibition of their activities on campus.

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