The court refused to seize shares of the Russian QIWI after the bank’s license was revoked

“As a result of this transaction, no assets of JSC Qiwi are reduced. Qiwi Plc. alienates a stake in Fusion Factor. Both companies are controlled by Russian citizens. As DIA says, both companies are part of the same group. The transaction was disclosed to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation <...> The appendix contains the approval of the Central Bank, which verified the entire transaction and gave its consent to it in January 2024. That is, the Central Bank actually confirmed that as a result of this transaction, as a result of the transfer of a block of shares, no requirements of regulatory legislation are violated,” the DIA representative emphasized. Finally, he added that if the court introduces restrictive measures, then Qiwi JSC will not only be able to dispose of shares, but also make financial payments, for example, to pay salaries to employees.

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