The funeral of the star of “Soldier” Vyacheslav Grishechkin turned into a huge scandal

Actress Yulia Zakharova

Actress Yulia Zakharova

In Moscow they said goodbye to Vyacheslav Grishechkin. The star of the series “Soldiers” died at 61. The actor was taken on his final journey from the Theater in the South-West, to which the artist served faithfully for most of his life. True, the quiet ceremony, which was attended by relatives, friends and colleagues of the celebrity, was overshadowed by a scandal.

Vyacheslav Grishechkin died on September 15, 2023 due to heart problems. Last months the actor drank a lot, they tried to treat him in clinics. But nothing helped.

“He was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but he could still move on his own and even get up! Some resuscitation assistance was carried out. But then he was already in a regular ward. Literally a couple of days before his death, he became very weak, could not move, and he bedsores appeared,” shared the actor’s director Maxim Miller.

Yulia Zakharova now.  Photo: frame from the program “The Stars Aligned”

Yulia Zakharova now. Photo: frame from the program “The Stars Aligned”

Grishechkin’s funeral was attended by his relatives and friends. Among the latter appeared an unrecognizable Lena Poleno from “Happy Together”. Actress Yulia Zakharova was, to put it mildly, not in the best shape. Eyewitnesses believe that the artist behaved as if drunk.

She did not skimp on abuse in conversation with secular chroniclers. She said that she did not believe in the death of her colleague, and then completely burst into tears.

“Slavochka was great! I don’t believe it at all… We last talked about two weeks ago. He was in a great mood,” said 43-year-old Zakharova.

She has lost a lot of weight. The last time she acted in a movie was in 2019. The celebrity spends all his time in the theater. Lives outside the city.

In 2013, the artist met musician Alexander Doronin. She stole a man from his common-law wife Anna Lefteri, who at that time was being treated for cancer.

Zakharova and Doronin often vacationed in Goa. In the first six months of meeting a man, the star lost 20 kg. “Literally from the first time we met, apparently from strong feelings, I started drinking more and practically stopped eating. We first lived in Cyprus, then in Goa…” she shared.

In 2017, a scandal occurred and terrible details of Yulia’s personal life surfaced. The man left her and returned to Lefteri. She took the breakup hard. The woman accused Doronin of raising his hand to her: “You kicked me, in the face. One day you ran away, leaving me beaten in the apartment… My jaw was twisted once.”

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