The government will allocate 10 billion rubles for the construction of prefabricated hotels

Prefabricated modules are a global trend in recent years

Prefabricated modules are a global trend in recent years

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Starting next year, regions will receive a single subsidy from the federal treasury for tourism development. The Ministry of Economic Development has already developed the rules for allocating such a subsidy.

Currently, under the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”, regions receive 4 different subsidies. In particular, subsidies are allocated for the equipment of beaches and national tourist routes and for the organization of events.

As the Ministry of Economic Development explained, starting next year the subsidy will be unified, this will make the subsidy mechanism more flexible.

The single subsidy will be calculated using a special formula and distributed between regions based on several criteria: the current number of hotels in the region, additional co-financing that the subject is willing to allocate from the regional budget, as well as the region’s share in the achievements of the state program “Tourism Development”. The presence of a national tourist route in the region will also be taken into account.

The government believes that a single subsidy will allow entities to determine a set of tourism activities at their own discretion and allocate funds to promising areas. Ultimately, this will allow the regions to increase tourist flow.

The government also decided to allocate 10 billion rubles for the construction of modular hotels. These are easily erected structures that can be used for several years. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin became acquainted with projects for the construction of such hotels during a trip to Gorno-Altaisk in August.

Prefabricated modules have been a global trend in recent years. Thanks to such structures, it is possible to quickly create a high-quality accommodation facility for tourists in places where capital construction would take years.

Federal money will be used to support investors involved in the construction of modular hotels. The money will be allocated this year and next. 58 regions will receive them. Thanks to state support, more than 8 thousand additional numbers will be created. As Mikhail Mishustin previously noted, this will create new opportunities for Russians to relax in 2024.

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