The lowest atmospheric pressure awaits Muscovites and guests of the capital on November 24


20.11.2023 14:49

On November 24, Moscow residents will be able to encounter an unusual phenomenon – record low atmospheric pressure, which will be 715 millimeters of mercury. This may cause certain physiological and psychological effects and require certain precautions.

“In the coming days, due to the approach of a deep cyclone, which has low pressure in the center, being on the periphery of this cyclone, indeed, according to calculations, the pressure in Moscow will be very low: it could be in the range of 715 mm Hg, it could be even lower ” – said scientific director at the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

Everyone at the everyday level firmly knows that a drop in pressure, a sharp decrease, a sharp increase affects a person’s condition. It is best to contact a specialist with such a problem and not self-medicate.

“As meteorologists predict that there will be a decrease in pressure, it would be good for doctors to say what really affects if the pressure changes,” the expert noted.

The meteorologist also noted that cold weather will continue in Moscow and the region, which in its values ​​corresponds to January.

Author Larisa Sokolova

Larisa Sokolova – journalist, correspondent-interviewer for Pravda.Ru

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