The main feature of the diet of centenarians is the abundance of plant foods


12/30/2023 16:21

Five healthy habits that improve health and live longer were presented in The Conversation. It has been established that genes determine only about 25% of life expectancy, while the remaining 75% depend on living conditions and habits.

First, eating a mostly plant-based diet is associated with living longer. Plant-based foods rich in antioxidants and fiber help reduce inflammation, which reduces the risk of cancer and digestive diseases.

Second, maintaining a healthy weight plays a key role in prolonging life, since obesity increases the risk of various diseases that shorten life expectancy.

Third, regular physical activity also has health benefits, protecting against chronic disease, reducing stress and improving mental well-being.

Fourth, quitting smoking and vaping is important for improving the quality and length of life, since smoking is associated with many diseases and shortened life expectancy.

Fifth, avoiding social isolation reduces the risk of early mortality and the development of various diseases such as heart disease, stroke, dementia, anxiety and depression. Although the exact mechanisms behind this influence require more research, loneliness is considered a factor that has a negative impact on physical health.

Author Angelina Efremova

Angelina Efremova – freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru, student at Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov

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