The Minister of Justice demands “secrecy” of the meetings of the Justice and Legislation Committee after the uproar of today’s meeting – Day 24

Abdul Latif Wehbe, Minister of Justice, announced today, Tuesday, in his response to the interventions of members of the Justice and Legislation Committee, during the general discussion of the draft civil procedure law, that he will request that the committee’s meetings be held in secret.

Wehbe said, addressing the committee chairman, “I will write to you, Mr. President, next week, to request the confidentiality of the committee meetings, and we will discuss, and I will be ready to discuss with you, because there are many things that require discussion.”

During the same meeting, the minister expressed his dissatisfaction with what the media reported about his withdrawal from the meeting, following the controversy that arose among parliamentarians regarding the legality of the committee meeting to discuss the draft civil procedure law.

After the discussion became heated between the parliamentarians within the committee, the minister left the meeting and said that he would not return until the end of the debate, which lasted about an hour and a half. He witnessed differing opinions and witnessed the withdrawal of the parliamentary group for Justice and Development, before the committee began discussing the draft civil procedure law.

The essence of the dispute was the committee chairman’s call for a committee meeting to begin discussing the draft civil procedure law, without referring to the committee office, which the opposition considered a violation of legal procedures.

Immediately upon his return to the meeting, the minister said that he left the hall “out of respect for the committee, because legally I have no involvement in the discussion, and the government is not concerned with it,” adding, “My political responsibility ended with drafting laws, and the matter concerns you and does not concern me.”

Wehbe also added, “Out of respect for myself, I went out, and no one can explain my reaction,” and “If you think that the laws should not go out to Morocco, then the decision is yours, but I am ready to meet with you on Saturday and Sunday as well, and during the day and night.”

The minister also said, “If you want us to work, we will need a great effort, because it will be recorded that you have a major role in legislation, and I will ask you for the last time to cooperate, and I want to pass the laws because I want to cooperate with you, and do not interpret the minister’s presence as a position.”

The government official believes that “when the internal laws of the committee are discussed, and the method of its management, the minister has no right to give his opinion,” adding, “I, as head of the Justice Committee, have never agreed to a minister interfering in the work of the committee, and I would have expelled ministers of justice who wanted to interfere in the work of the committee.” The Commission”.

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