The nutritionist named foods that are dangerous to eat for breakfast

The nutritionist named foods that are dangerous to eat for breakfast


03/26/2024 01:22

Nutritionist Irina Pisareva shared information about which dishes are best not to eat for breakfast and what is suitable for a morning meal.

According to the specialist, the first meal is the most important of the day, since it is very important for the body to receive the required amount of energy. Therefore, breakfast should be as healthy as possible.

The nutritionist warned against eating quick breakfasts and muesli. They cannot saturate the body properly. You should not eat yeast baked goods in the morning; it leads to bloating and various digestive problems. Avoid fatty meats and fruits as well.

“Fatty meats take a long time to digest, and this is a very big burden for the body in the morning. It is better to eat fruits after the main meal,” Pisareva explained.

You should not drink coffee or citrus juices on an empty stomach. An ideal breakfast should consist of proteins, for example, eggs, cottage cheese, porridge with milk.

Author Ksenia Zayarnyuk

Ksenia Zayarnyuk – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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