The Olympic team faces Wales in an attempt to compensate for the stumble with Ukraine – Today 24

The Moroccan national Olympic team will face its Welsh counterpart, today, Tuesday, starting at six in the evening, on the floor of the Mardan Stadium in Antalya, Turkey, in a friendly framework, in preparation for the upcoming competitions, the closest of which is the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Tariq Al-Sakitiwi’s sons are looking forward to achieving victory in the second friendly test, during the current international break, to compensate for the defeat of the first confrontation against Ukraine with a clean goal, not to mention the performance that was not up to good expectations, especially since the date of the Paris Olympics is very close.

This will be the second match for Tariq Sketioui with the Olympic group, after he was appointed coach of the under-23 team in place of Issam Al-Sharai, as the former coach of Morocco-Fez wants this confrontation to be different from the previous one with Adam Azno’s teammates, with a victory that raises his morale, after the defeat in the first. With a clean goal.

It is expected that Al-Sketiwi will make many changes in the official formation, in order to determine the readiness of all players, to determine the final list in which he will compete in the Paris Olympics, noting that there are some Olympians with the first team who will strengthen the formation, along with 3 players over 23 years of age.

It is worth noting that the draw for the Paris 2024 Olympics in the football category, which was held last Wednesday, in the Saint-Denis suburb near the capital, Paris, resulted in the Moroccan national Olympic team being placed in the second group, along with the Argentine teams, and the third-place finisher in the Under-1 Asian Cup. 23 years old, Ukraine.

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