The Orbáns, who influenced Marine Le Pen’s campaign with a bank loan and the Polish election with videos, are hysterical about foreign influence

After the committee hearing on Monday, Minister János Lázár spoke about the fact that they would not cooperate with Péter Márki-Zay.

The dimples have to be counted differently… Source: Youtube

And also about the fact that Viktor Orbán is always open to debate – writes Telex.

The minister refused to go into the details of the package of laws on the protection of sovereignty, which is still not public. He said,

“it is necessary to conceptually consider what role foreign sources can play, or whether they can play a role at all in the operation of Hungarian politics. Since 1989, there has been a public consensus – all political parties participated in this until the 2022 elections – that they do not accept funds from abroad. There was no need to pass a law to prevent this from happening, this changed in 2022”.

He did not answer the question whether the law will affect the independent press.

“The government cooperates with everyone who abides by the rules of the game in general in the country, such as the constitution, and respects the functioning of the country. We have a problem with politicians who accept money from abroad and serve foreign interests, we cannot cooperate with them”

Lázár declared.

“If someone accepts money from abroad to betray his country, the government will not cooperate with him”.

Dismissing Fidesz’s propaganda, the minister claimed that the mayor of Hódmezővásárhely did this, so they will not cooperate with him in any form, even if he wins next year’s municipal election.

To the question whether there are enough internal critical voices around Viktor Orbán, János Lázár answered,

“the best example of internal criticism of the system is György Matolcsy, the prime minister’s right-hand man”. “The prime minister really enjoys the debate, with everyone. He always demands a debate, we usually debate a lot of issues, and these are always discussions in a very good mood, President Matolcsy knows this very well”.

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