The OVF made an announcement about the water level

The peak of the Danube’s tidal wave in Hungary is approaching the southern border, as predicted, the water level in the capital dropped below 645 centimeters during the night, so cleaning could begin on the lower quay, the National Water Directorate General (OVF) told MTI on Saturday.

Photo: The flooded Danube at Lánchíd on December 28, 2023, in the shot taken with a drone. The Danube tide is accompanied by long peaks and slow subsidence; In Budapest, the tide peaked in the evening of the previous day, at which time the highest water level was 693 centimeters. MTI/Zoltán Máthé

According to the latest forecast, wetter weather is likely again from Sunday, significant rainfall (30-80 millimeters) can be expected in the Upper Danube and Upper Tisza river basins until next Friday, and 5-30 millimeters may fall elsewhere

– wrote the OVF.

The average daily temperature in most watersheds is typically above zero degrees, so you can expect mostly rain and drizzle

– they added.

It was also reported that

in the section of the Danube above Baja, the subsidence is undisturbed: at Nagybajcs, the water level is expected to drop to a value of around 400 centimeters by Sunday morning. In Komárom on Saturday morning, the water level dropped below the flood preparedness level, in Esztergom it is expected to reach this level during the day on Saturday. The water level in Győr and the Gyirmót area is constantly decreasing

– were listed.

In Budapest, the river peaked after a long stretch, the highest measured water level was 693 centimeters at 8 pm on Wednesday.

According to forecasts, the water level dropped below the level of the lower quay (645 centimeters) during the night, and at 11 a.m. on Saturday it was 628 centimeters

– they indicated.

According to the announcement

at the Duna Paks, it peaked early in the morning on Friday with a water level of 690 centimeters, with a level of readiness of the first degree. At Baja, it is expected that the water level of 818 centimeters that will develop in the early hours of Saturday morning will indicate the beginning of the peak. In Mohács, a water level of around 805 centimeters can be forecast during the morning period. The peak of the price wave is expected to leave the country on Sunday

– they added.

In the coming days, further subsidence is generally expected on the domestic section of the Danube, a noteworthy rise in the water level is expected only from the middle of next week, as a result of significant amounts of precipitation in several places

– highlighted.

The Tisza tide, which arrived in the middle of the week, is currently peaking in the Tokaj area a few centimeters below the first level. According to the latest forecasts, the Tiszapalkonya-Szolnok section is expected to reach a peak of around the first degree or above.

Due to the high level of the Tisza below the Tisza lake and the small tidal wave coming from the Maros, the Tisza in Szeged can approach or reach the level of the lower quay (560 centimeters) on the last day of the year and the first day of next year.

In the coming days, the tides in the Tiszán and its tributaries will gradually recede, a noteworthy rise in the water level is expected only in the middle of next week, due to the significant amount of precipitation in several places, at which time the water levels on the Bodrog may rise above the first stage

– says the statement of the OVF.

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