The report was filed because of Péter Magyar Partizán’s interview

Gábor Vona’s party, Second Reform Kor, files a complaint after Péter Magyar’s interview.

He files a report. Source: Youtube

The Vonás are being reported on grounds of suspicion of abuse of office and budget fraud – writes

In addition, a report is made to the Integrity Authority, a Partisan in his interview because of statements made.

Judit Varga’s ex-husband, the former CEO of Diákhitel Zrt., told Márton Gulyás, among other things, that the NER advertising company led by Gyula Balásy was working at three to six times the market price.

Since they were not satisfied with the service, Magyar did not want to work with them after a while. At that time, however, according to his claim

called Ádám Nagy, Antal Rogán’s chief of staff,

that there will be consequences if you do not sign the contracts and certificates of completion. Péter Magyar then resigned.

Source:, Partisan

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