The road war continues in Tangier… A woman died and two people were injured in a serious traffic accident + photos – Al-Youm 24

Last night, Friday, the Rabat Road at the entrance to the city of Tangier witnessed a horrific traffic accident that left a 38-year-old woman dead, while another woman and her daughter were lightly injured.

Al-Youm 24 learned that the accident occurred near Marjan when the driver lost control of her Hyundai i10 car and collided with a Pogo car that was traveling in the opposite direction with the driver on board. He explained that the causes of this painful accident were caused by excessive speed. And not paying attention.

The source explained that the 38-year-old deceased died immediately as a result of internal bleeding and severe head fractures. Her body was deposited in the mortuary of the Duc de Touvar Hospital, while the driver of the “Pugo” car was placed under intensive medical care.

The same source added that the accident disrupted traffic and circulation along the main street, so that the security services moved to the spot and completed legal reports, as it is expected to open an investigation into the matter to find out the causes of this accident and present it to the attention of the public prosecutor at the city’s primary school to take action. This tragic accident left shock and deep sadness for the victim’s family.

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