The strangest competitions in the world have been selected

Summing up the year, UPI Odd News collected top strangest competitions of 2023 in the world.

World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, Petaluma, California

Every year, dogs with aesthetic problems come from all over the world to the Sonoma Marine Fair in Pentaluma to see which one can win the hearts of the judges and the public. The winners receive cash prizes of $1,500 (RUB 134,195.25) and a spot on NBC’s Today show. The purpose of the competition is to glorify imperfect animals and encourage the adoption of animals from shelters.

Homer Brewing Company Bird Calling Contest, Homer, Alaska

The main event of the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival features bird imitators of all ages. They try to imitate the sounds of several well-known local birds, usually eagles, gulls, cranes and sparrows. Contest prizes include specialty chocolates, bird T-shirts and gift certificates.

US Mullet Championships (online)

Rabid fans of iconic ’80s trends are competing online for the best hairstyles. The competition is divided into men’s, women’s, teenage, children’s and senior (55+) segments. Hairstyle winners in each category will receive the title of America’s Best Mullet, as well as a prize of $2,500 (223,505 rubles).

World Heavy Metal Knitting Championship, Joensuu (Finland)

In this unusual competition, participants from Finland, the USA, Japan, Denmark, Latvia, Russia and Sweden will have to combine their knitting and heavy metal dancing skills. The event was canceled in 2023, but organizers promised that the championship would return in 2024.

World Wife Carrying Championships, Sonkajärvi (Finland)

The premise of the competition is simple: husbands carry their wives through 830 feet (253 meters) of obstacles and mud. Qualifiers are held in countries around the world. The winning couple earns their spouse’s weight in beer.

World Sauce Pool Wrestling Championships, Stacksteads (England)

Wrestlers show off their skills every year at the Rose’N’Bowl in the Lancashire Sauce Pool. In addition to wrestling skills, competitors are judged on costumes, comedy and entertainment value.

World Diving and Chess Championships London (England)

This annual competition tests both chess skills and lung capacity. Players take turns diving underwater to make a move on a chessboard located at the bottom of the pool. Players must make a move before rising to the surface, otherwise they will lose the game.

World Dog Surfing Championships, Pacifica (California)

Every year at Linda Mar Beach, hundreds of four-legged animals test their balance and raise money for charity by riding the waves. Four-legged participants who are afraid of water can earn prizes in other competitions – frisbee catching, ball catching and fashion show. A portion of the proceeds from the championship are donated to various non-profit organizations dedicated to dogs, surfing and the environment.

World Championship of playing the non-existent guitar, Oulu (Finland)

The best guitar imitators from all over the world gather in Finland every year to pretend to shine on stage while dancing to a chosen song. Contestants are judged on technical, acting qualities and the difficult-to-define concept of “airiness.”

World Snail Racing Championship, Kongham (England)

In the snail race, which first started in the 1960s, participants attempt to cover a distance of 13 inches (33 centimeters) to win the grand prize of a mug of lettuce. The last world record for the race was set in 1995, when a slippery sprinter named Archie managed to cover the required distance in 22 seconds.

Previously we told about 39-year-old US resident Joey Chestnut, who took part in the annual men’s hot dog eating competition in New York State, where he ate 62 sausage rolls in just 10 minutes.

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