The therapist pointed out the main factors for 100% recovery from cancer

The therapist pointed out the main factors for 100% recovery from cancer


03/26/2024 20:01

If cancer is diagnosed in the early stages and there are no metastases, 100% five-year survival can be achieved, the therapist reports Kristina Zaplavnova.

“Stage zero is “cancer in place.” The tumor is small, located where it originally appeared, and does not grow into neighboring tissues. Such tumors are usually easy to remove. In almost 100% of patients, it is possible to achieve remission. The first stage is a small tumor, within one organ, but slightly larger than zero. Such neoplasms are called cancer at an early stage. It is relatively simple to treat, the five-year survival rate is close to 100%,” Zaplavnova explained.

As previously known, the British Duchess Kate Middleton spoke about her cancer, which was diagnosed by doctors. The Duchess said that she had already undergone some surgical intervention as part of a program to treat this disease. It later became known that the Duchess left her palace in Windsor and headed to an unknown destination with her family.

On March 22, Duchess Kate Middleton announced that she had undergone surgery as part of the treatment for her cancer. The princess said that the unexpected turn of events had a strong impact on her family, and emphasized that her relatives provide full support in the fight against the disease.

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