The truth about the marriage of actor Sasha Petrov has been revealed

Alexander Petrov, who announced his sudden marriage, caused a real stir

Alexander Petrov, who announced his sudden marriage, caused a real stir

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The actor’s hasty wedding Alexandra Petrova Only the lazy didn’t discuss it. The “Text” star announced that he married a girl named Victoria on September 10, 2023. The actor assured that they had known each other for almost a month. Meanwhile, fans discovered that Petrov was signed to Victoria a year ago. And it was around then that a wedding ring was first noticed on his finger.

Alexander Petrov, who announced his sudden marriage to an unknown girl named Victoria, caused quite a stir. The marriage of the artist and the 22-year-old brunette came as a surprise to many.

Petrov announced that he met his love on the street, went on several dates with her and suddenly decided that she was the one with whom he was ready to connect his life. As a result, the lovers rushed to the registry office, and then stunned the public photo with wedding ringsAnd.

The artist claims that he is truly happy, but few people believe in his love story. Attentive fans noticed that the wedding ring that the star of “Policeman from Rublyovka” demonstrated at the registry office has been worn for a long time and appeared with him at social events in March 2023.

Petrov said about his wife that she has nothing to do with cinema. But Victoria turned out to be a graduate of a theater university. The actor himself has been subscribed to it for a year now.

Let us remember that Alexander previously dated his colleague Stasya Miloslavskaya for about four years. They met during the filming of the film “Streltsov”. Miloslavskaya herself has repeatedly stated that she would like to marry Petrov.

However, now Miloslavskaya does not look upset. She has not yet commented on the changes in her ex-fiancé’s personal life.

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