Therapist Belyaeva believes that tap water is not suitable for drinking

Therapist Belyaeva believes that tap water is not suitable for drinking

Water purification and the absence of bacteria in tap water do not guarantee its safety, experts say.

“The water may contain a large amount of salts of heavy metals. It, for example, contains a lot of iron. We don’t know through which pipes it flows. Maybe there is lead somewhere. If you drink this constantly, then everything in the body will accumulate over time, and will be very bad for the liver, for the kidneys. Therefore, it is still better to filter. Filter and change the filter regularly. At least you can boil it as a last resort. Maybe once, you really want to drink – nothing, but on an ongoing basis no need,” advises Pravda’s interlocutor. Ru.

According to Maria Belyaeva, water from street vending machines is also not always of good quality, and can even be a counterfeit of well-known brands. The doctor recommends purchasing it from well-established suppliers.

“We don’t know where it is poured. Now this is monitored a little more, because QR codes are pasted on everyone. It’s like control. But I would still recommend ordering and buying in trusted places, for example,” says the speaker .

If the choice fell on spring water, then the natural source should at least be tested. You need to make sure that the water in the spring is suitable for drinking.

“We need to know if any samples were taken from there. The fact that people have been drinking it for years doesn’t mean anything either. It could be dangerous. We don’t know where the wastewater is collected from. Maybe at some point it will “It was safe, but now there is an enterprise or something nearby. Still, in order to use it directly as drinking water and not boil it, not filter it, but drink it like that, the relevant authority must give permission for this,” the doctor believes.

Our publication’s expert recommends drinking bottled water as a safe source of drinking water.


Author Irina Malova

Irina Malova – journalist, correspondent-interviewer for Pravda.Ru

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