These hydrangeas have unusual shapes

These hydrangeas have unusual shapes


03/25/2024 09:17

Hydrangea is an exquisite and charming plant that for many years has not ceased to fascinate with its beauty and grace. Standard hydrangeas, in turn, are a special type of this plant, distinguished by a unique trunk and unusual shapes.

Standard hydrangea is a plant with a straight and rigid stem that grows to a certain height and then expands to form a beautiful crown. It looks like a delicate and unique sculpture of nature, attracting attention with its harmonious shape and beautiful inflorescences.

One of the most famous types of standard hydrangea is the boy boy in the photo. This variety stands out for its dense foliage and large, bright spherical inflorescences, which can change their color depending on the acidity of the soil. From delicate pink to rich purple or bright blue, the boy-boy hydrangea in the photo delights with its versatility and color.

To achieve the best results when growing standard hydrangeas, you need to take into account several important points. Firstly, they prefer to grow in sunny or semi-shaded places with protection from direct sunlight and wind. Secondly, it is necessary to provide the plant with fertile and moist soil with good drainage ability.

In addition, standard hydrangeas require regular pruning. To create a beautiful and neat crown, you need to remove faded inflorescences and excess branches. This helps maintain the shape of the plant and stimulates its further development.

Standard hydrangeas become a real decoration of a garden or personal plot. They can be used as tapeworms, placed in large pots or planted directly into the ground. The beauty and grace of these plants invariably attract birds, butterflies and insects, making the garden even more picturesque and vibrant.

Standard hydrangeas are an excellent choice for those who want to create a cozy and romantic corner of nature in their garden. Their beauty and charm leave an unforgettable impression and delight the eye for many years. The embodiment of elegance and sophistication, standard hydrangeas are a real gift for lovers of flowers and the harmony of nature.

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