these products will make your pet happier and healthier

Cat Nutrition Tricks: These Foods Will Make Your Pet Happier and Healthier


03/25/2024 07:11

Caring for the health and well-being of your pet starts with proper nutrition. When choosing foods for cats, it is important to consider their nutritional needs and preferences.

  • High quality meat: Cats are carnivores by nature, so meat plays a key role in their diet. Chicken, beef, turkey and fish (boneless and in moderation) are excellent sources of protein and other important nutrients.
  • Organs: The liver, heart and kidneys contain many vitamins and minerals essential to a cat’s health. Organs can be added to the diet fresh or cooked.
  • Green vegetables: Some cats appreciate plant foods. Boiled or steamed broccoli, spinach and pumpkin can be an excellent addition to your main diet.
  • Rice: A well-tolerated carbohydrate source that can be used in the diet of cats with sensitive digestion or allergies.
  • Foods with high moisture content: Dry foods can be convenient, but liquids are also important for a cat’s health. Feeding canned foods or adding water to dry food helps maintain hydration.
  • Additives: Cat-specific supplements containing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can be used to ensure adequate nutrition.
  • Limiting dairy products: Although many cats love milk, many are lactose intolerant. It is better to limit access to regular milk and prefer special dairy products for cats.

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