They calculated: Even without qualifiers, Ferencváros can be on the main table of the Champions League

It’s not completely impossible.

Szabolcs Mezei of Paksi FC and Muhamed Besic of FTC in the 16th round of the football OTP Bank League on December 10. Paksi FC won the match 3-2. Photo: MTI/Tamás Vasvári

It is possible that Ferencváros does not need to play qualifiers to qualify for the Champions League (BL), calculated by the football team’s fan site,

They say that in the BL, the place for the defending champion is filled with the team with the best coefficient and – by default – qualifiers, if the team qualifies for the series by right of subject. This season, the champions with high coefficients are not doing very well so far.

In order for Ferencváros to qualify for the group stage by default – which even sees a minimal chance of – conditions must be met, such as, for example, that neither Saktar, Copenhagen, Dinamo, nor Zvezda be champions, and Ferencváros should have more coefficients than Olimpiakos.

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