this algorithm will allow you to do without unnecessary stress

How to prepare a dog for foster care: this algorithm will allow you to do without unnecessary stress

The pet receives maximum attention and care only from its owner. For an outsider, this is an additional burden and responsibility. Therefore, it is important to provide him with detailed information about caring for the animal, its character and preferences in games.

It is also necessary to discuss in advance the feeding diet and bathing rules. It would be advisable that the dog is already familiar with the person with whom it will have to spend time in the absence of the owner. Before handing over your pet to a temporary guardian, it is recommended that you take a walk together.

Then you should leave them alone to make sure that the pet is behaving normally. It’s also helpful to let your dog spend the night in a new place beforehand so he can get used to his surroundings. On the day of handing over the dog for foster care, you should not worry or be nervous, otherwise the animal will feel it.

It is important to remain calm and confident. It is also worth taking with you all the necessary things for the dog: food, a bowl, a place to sleep and favorite toys. This will help your pet cope with temporary separation more easily.

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