to get rid of low blood pressure you need to in the morning…

Hypotonic people, take note: to get rid of low blood pressure you need to…


02/12/2024 00:11

Morning and a cup of coffee are two concepts that are always associated with each other. Today, coffee is considered not just a drink, but a truly miraculous one, and even those who previously avoided it due to heart problems are now allowed to drink it.

There are also those who consider coffee an integral part of their life, necessary to maintain energy, and they simply cannot exist without it.

We are talking about people with low blood pressure, or hypotension. Cardiologist of the therapeutic department of the CDC NCC No. 2 of the Russian Scientific Center for Surgery named after. acad. B.V. Petrovsky Alfiya Yagafarova shared her opinion on whether coffee can really have an invigorating effect on people with low blood pressure.

Coffee beans contain many beneficial substances – about a thousand. Among them are caffeine, tannin, malic acid, antioxidants and others. The composition may vary depending on the type of coffee, where the beans are grown and the roasting method. The roasting process itself imparts up to 800 different flavors to the beans.

For people with low blood pressure, coffee can be a real lifesaver – it gives them energy and vitality. The positive effects of coffee begin within 5 minutes after consumption: vascular tone improves, metabolism accelerates, the secretion of acids in the stomach is stimulated, brain activity is activated and breathing improves.

According to 34 scientific studies, drinking one to two cups of coffee per day (200-300 mg of caffeine) on average increases upper blood pressure by 8 mmHg. Art. and lower by 6 mm Hg. Art. This effect lasts for three hours after drinking the drink. However, it is important not to exceed the established safe dose – 250-300 ml per day, which is equivalent to a couple of cups of coffee.

Moderate coffee consumption (1-4 cups per day) reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease. In addition, moderate coffee consumption may protect against cognitive decline and even cancer. However, it is worth remembering the negative aspects. Some people may have an individual intolerance to coffee due to increased sensitivity to caffeine, and may also become addicted to it.

When drinking large doses of coffee, anxiety, trembling of the hands and legs, as well as increased blood pressure and heart rate may occur. For people with cardiovascular diseases, it is important to monitor the amount of coffee consumed and not exceed the recommended doses.

It is also important to take into account that it is better to drink coffee without added sugar and milk, and also not to drink it before bed, so as not to disturb sleep patterns. In this case, coffee can help control blood pressure and provide a comfortable state even at low pressure.

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