Tourism forecast 2024: the best destinations for holidays abroad

The expert presented a list of profitable international holiday destinations in the current year 2024


02/13/2024 14:12

This year, according to the forecast of the vice-president of the Alliance of Russian Travel Agencies Alexan Mkrtchyanthe most profitable foreign destinations will be countries Asia, Latin America And Middle East. He notes that there is a steady trend that began last year and continues this year – especially with regard to United Arab Emirates. Many Russians who are unaffordable Türkiyewould prefer to choose UAE, especially during the summer months. In July, August and September, hotels of the same level in the UAE will be cheaper than in Turkey.

Mkrtchyan also notes that the demand for inexpensive trips to Cubaalthough for now flights there are only available from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

As the expert explained, in order to save money on a vacation in Turkey, it is better to choose the period from March to the first half of June. However, after this period and until the end of September, holidays in this country will be quite expensive.

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