unique cinematic journeys for an unforgettable holiday

In the footsteps of your favorite films: unique film trips for an unforgettable vacation


03/26/2024 00:31

The trip can become exciting and memorable if you choose an original and themed route based on popular films. Below are examples of such film tours and possible routes.

“Eat Pray Love”
This film inspired thousands of people to travel.
Julia Roberts’ character’s travel itinerary can be repeated in part or in full, including places such as Italy, India and the island of Bali.

In Italy, you can visit Rome and its main attractions, such as the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum, and enjoy the local architecture and cuisine.
In India, you can go to New Delhi, visit the coast or get acquainted with the local spiritual life, as it was in the film.
On the island of Bali you can find your happiness, like the heroine of the film, or enjoy its picturesque nature and culture.

This comedy also inspired many to travel. In the film, the characters travel from London through Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and other cities before arriving in Germany. Although such a trip may be difficult in the current climate, it can be repeated by visiting various European capitals and their attractions.

The cities visited in the film offer many interesting places for tourists, such as museums, parks and historical monuments. Considering the Eurotour route, it is worth planning enough time, since this trip requires at least a month.

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