Ural Airlines decided to “get rid” of the pilots who landed the plane in the field


07.12.2023 08:40

As a result of the scandal surrounding the emergency landing of an Airbus A320 in the Novosibirsk region, Ural Airlines offered the resignation of the crew commander Sergei Belov and co-pilot Eduard Semenov. The decision was made by the airline even before the work of the commission investigating the incident was completed. Pilots are temporarily not allowed to fly, which is a violation of labor laws.

The events unfolded on September 12, when an Airbus A320 made an emergency landing due to a hydraulic system failure. The pilots had to choose Novosibirsk due to difficult weather conditions in Omsk. The decision has caused conflicting opinions: the first commission considers it erroneous, the second is still working.

Although according to the commission’s report there was enough fuel for 40 minutes, the pilots issued a distress signal. The landing was successful, but controversy began about the reasons for the lack of fuel. Experts say that the pilots’ mistake was due to the landing gear not being retracted, which caused a fuel leak. The pilots claim that the landing gear was retracted, but the doors remained open, Moskovsky Komsomolets reports.

The first commission considers the decision to fly to Novosibirsk wrong, but its work was disapproved by the Federal Air Transport Agency. The airline’s management, ignoring the findings, proposed dismissing the commander and co-pilot.

Previously reportedthat Ural Airlines will put into operation the plane that crash-landed in a field.

Author Oleg Loginov

Oleg Loginov – student at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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