Urgent.. Rahal Al-Makkawi is elected president of the Al-Faqih Bin Saleh Group, succeeding Mubdi’a – Today 24

Get elected officially today Tuesday Traveler Irons on party Independence President New For a group Jurist son righteous, after isolation Mohammed Creative from His position Effect He was arrested months ago on background issue corruption Financial.

And just sourcestoday24” The session today It took place With whom? civilized region from Advisors Collectivists After Previously And I postponed practical Vote For not Availability Quorum Legal To elect president new For the group.

And he scored absence For the candidate Perfection Mahfouz from the Liberal Party And his supporters on the audience For the time Third to Headquarters group Jurist son righteous.

Creative Head group Jurist son righteous For more from 23 year and he Follower from party the room Misdemeanor With a court Appeal At home white, in condition Arrest, on background Follow him from Okay dissipation And embezzlement funds generality.

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