Vadim Tsyganov told how Kirkorov can avoid a boycott in the world of show business


12/30/2023 01:02

New Year’s party organized by Nastya Ivleevanot only attracted the attention of the merrymakers, but also caused a scandal that could have serious consequences for the stars involved, including Philip Kirkorov, Lolita, Annu Asti and others. Producer Vadim Tsyganov spoke about possible steps that will help avoid a boycott.

Tsyganov noted that sincere repentance can soften public indignation and avoid a boycott. He also accused the stars of mimicry, noting that they initially thought it would go unnoticed but are now facing consequences. He continued by emphasizing that he did not believe that the incident was an accident and called their public apology a change of shoes.

The producer suggested that the artists take time for true repentance, perhaps even visiting a monastery. He expressed confidence that the audience will not be bored without the participation of Kirkorov, Lolita and others at the New Year’s party.

Tsyganov also noted that, despite the scandal, one must remember that such jokes are just a moment, and real songs written, for example, by Vysotsky and Yesenin, leave a deep mark in the hearts of people.

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