Victims of the Forsa program tell their suffering – video – – Today 24

The group complained from Young from non Their benefit from program an opportunity that I released it the government, Considering that Their experience She was Bad Puppies what They were exposed for him All along a period Preparation documents to when He refused Their files despite Accept it in At first glance The first.

And in this connection He said Sunday Citizens affected people in a permit He singled out with ittoday24″, that His file He was met By refusal in time He was He waits You deliver it With financing After Passed all Stages Related Prepared documents And give it For the destinations concerned in the time specified, with His presence For all Courses Formative that no Get promoted For the level Required from Hand the information the introduction, Pointing to that it He is ignorant a reason rejection to border writing This is amazing lines.

He continued speaker Himself that rejection that You receive it from before Enterprise The incubator did not It is not Written but rather Orally Just, After He rose With signatureContras“, what Make it He takes refuge For a commissioner judicial In order to take Rulers legal, Explaining that concerned By order They refused delivery, And sure that it in condition did not Complete reach to Solution He will resort To eliminate in Shade Discretion The result And not Clarity.

And in Context same She said one Affected women in a permit I singled out with ittoday24″, that Her file she The other It was completed He rejected it Although from that it Paid all documents required in At that time specified, Pointing out to that Entities concerned Requested Of which in the first Bring a promise For rent before that She backs down on that And it is imposed on her Rent The shop, and he what She got up with it In pursuit Of which to get on Finance in last The end, unless that it did not You can from that.

She explained Speaker itself that it I talked to Ministry Expensive In order to finding the solution, unless that This is amazing Last She said she has that the program to stop no You wait no 2023 no 2024, and he what Enter it Rebekah Her colleagues in Blockage, especially and that there from Lost His profession and has Many fromKridiyat“, Claim the government By intervention To find Solution when He fell.

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