Victoria Bonya, who had plastic surgery, admitted that she is afraid of her reflection in the mirror

Victoria Bonya.

Victoria Bonya.


Victoria Bonya recently underwent plastic surgery: the model went under the knife of a famous American surgeon, who asked for 250 thousand dollars (about 20 million rubles) for her services. Now she is worried that her appearance has changed too much. Bonya gave a live broadcast on social networks, during which she answered questions from subscribers about her plastic surgery.

True, Victoria has not yet decided to show her updated face. She sat with her back to the camera to hide her appearance. Talking about her feelings, Bonya admitted that after plastic surgery she was afraid of the reflection in the mirror – she had changed so much.

“I won’t even show my face anymore, because sometimes I’m scared of the reflection myself. It’s still unusual for me to see myself – a face that is not my size. Of course, now it doesn’t look the way it should look,” Victoria said.

In the video, it is noticeable that Bonya is crying and wiping away her tears. She is having a hard time surviving the period after the operation. The model is confident that the swelling on her face will soon subside and she will become beautiful again. Victoria says that she shares the details of the operation with fans not for the sake of hype, but to convey more information to the public about plastic surgery. The model recalled that after any surgical intervention there is a rehabilitation period. Vika is sure that she will not remain a freak, since she was originally born with an attractive face.

Boni’s operation in an American clinic lasted 14 hours. During this time, the doctor gave her a facelift, changed the shape of her eyes, inserted implants into her cheekbones and enlarged her lips with fat. In addition, many suspect that the exulap shortened Vika’s nose, but she herself denies this. The TV presenter mentioned that after the operation, half of her upper lip lost sensitivity and does not move. It will take months to regain her former mobility.

Previously, Bonya explained why her nose looks changed. It turns out that in order to smooth out the nasolabial folds, granules were placed under her nose. Due to severe swelling, he does not look the same as before, but Victoria is sure that this is all temporary.

Meanwhile, Bonya’s new face scares not only her, but also her friends. One of the model’s acquaintances said that after plastic surgery, Vika began to look like an Instasamka. Bonya’s other friends burst out laughing when they saw her face. The couple asked hopefully: “Well, will it change a little more?”

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