Viktor Orbán called on his three ministers to present the text of the Chadian agreement to the government

Its decision was published in the Magyar Közlöny on Monday evening.

“I call on the Minister of National Defence, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Justice to immediately submit to the Government the draft decision on the authorization to be given for the final determination of the text of the Agreement after the creation of the Agreement”

– can be read Viktor Orbán’s decision in Monday evening’s Magyar Közlöny about the mission in Chad. In the resolution published with his signature, the prime minister called on the ministers to sign and submit the draft related to the mission in Chad.

Photo: MTI

Back in November, the parliament voted for the Hungarian state to send 200 soldiers to the Republic of Chad, according to Zsolt Semjén, who submitted the parliamentary resolution, this is necessary because Hungary’s interest is international peace, and for this it must participate in the fight against terrorism.

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