We break down five common myths for better understanding.

Dog Care: Breaking Down Five Common Myths for Better Understanding


02/13/2024 19:36

Man tamed the dog a long time ago. We seem to know everything about them, but there are still some myths and misconceptions that can hinder the development of a harmonious relationship between a person and his four-legged friend.

Let’s look at five common myths that turn out to be wrong.

  • The dog needs to be washed frequently. The need to bathe your pet only arises in case of contamination or an unpleasant odor. After a walk, just wipe or wash your paws. Frequent bathing can lead to skin problems and dandruff.
  • The dog’s mouth should smell. It is a myth. Bad breath may indicate problems with your teeth or gums. Regular teeth cleaning and consultation with a specialist will help get rid of this problem.
  • Dry nose in a dog – a sign of illness. A healthy dog ​​may have a dry nose after sleep or in the heat. There is no need to immediately sound the alarm and make diagnoses.
  • An adult dog cannot be trained. Young dogs do learn new commands faster, but an adult dog can also learn successfully if given enough time and attention from the owner.
  • A dog can lick its wounds. Although dog saliva helps heal wounds, the mouth can contain harmful bacteria, which can lead to infection. Experts recommend using protective cones to prevent licking of the affected areas.

Author Semyon Papinsky

Semyon Papinsky is a student at Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosova, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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