we talk about fertilizers for this shrub

To have juicy currant berries: we talk about fertilizers for this shrub


03/26/2024 04:04

Currants, with their juicy berries, are considered one of the most popular shrubs in our gardens. It not only tastes great, but also has many beneficial properties. In order for currants to please you with a rich harvest, you need to properly feed the plant.

First of all, for full growth and development, currants need organic fertilizers. One of the best options is humus, which can be purchased from local farmers or obtained from your own livestock farm. Humus contains a large amount of microelements necessary for healthy plant growth. However, before using the humus, it is necessary to warm it slightly to kill possible pathogens.

In addition to humus, you can use other organic fertilizers, such as compost or peat, to feed currants. They will also enrich the soil with essential nutrients and help improve its structure.

However, when using organic fertilizers, it must be remembered that their effectiveness may be less than that of mineral fertilizers. Therefore, it is important to additionally add special complex fertilizers rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the soil. Such fertilizers can be purchased in specialized stores or from gardeners.

When currants begin to form buds, it is important to provide them with additional nutrition. For this, you can use nitrogen and urea fertilizers, as they promote active plant growth. However, you need to be careful with the dosage of fertilizers so as not to overdo it and cause the plants to burn.

It is important to remember about watering currants. It needs moist soil, especially during dry periods. Regular watering will help plants absorb nutrients better and improve their growth.

In conclusion, fertilizing currants plays an important role in obtaining a bountiful and high-quality harvest. Juicy and sweet berries will be your reward for the care and attention paid to this wonderful plant. Remember about organic and mineral fertilizers, watch the dosage and do not forget about watering. Only in this case will your currants delight you every year with a tasty and healthy harvest.

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