We talk about how to keep cherry trees healthy in the spring by pruning.

We talk about how to keep cherry trees healthy in the spring by pruning.


03/26/2024 00:16

Cherry is an amazing tree that beautifully decorates our gardens and fascinates us with its juicy and fragrant fruits. To maintain the health and productivity of cherries, it is necessary not only to care for them during fruiting, but also to prune them in the spring.

Cherry tree pruning is a process by which old, damaged and unnecessary branches are removed to allow the tree to receive more light and air. With proper pruning, the cherry tree becomes healthier, stronger and more capable of producing a bountiful harvest.

Before you start pruning, you need to have the necessary tools on hand. You’ll need straight-bladed pruning shears for removing small twigs and branches, as well as a saw for trimming larger branches.

When pruning cherry trees in the spring, the main thing is to remove dead, diseased and damaged branches. They can become a source of infection and disease, so they should be removed immediately. Prune such branches back to healthy tissue close to the damage.

Next, we begin to remove branches that grow at too sharp an angle. They can create thickening and interfere with the normal access of light and air. When pruning such branches, you should cut them back to the nearest branch or branch growing at a more correct angle.

It is also necessary to pay attention to too long cherry branches, which can cause its improper development. They break under the weight of snow or fruit, disturbing the wood and unevenly distributing nutrients. Trim branches that are too long, keeping them within a safe and healthy limit.

To avoid thickening of the crown and favoritism of individual branches, it is also recommended to remove branches growing inside the crown or overlapping other branches. Carefully analyze the growth of the tree and remove those branches that interfere with normal development and access to light.

Pruning cherry trees in spring also involves shaping the crown of the tree. If you want your tree to have a certain shape – round, pyramidal, etc., decorate its branches accordingly. Leave only those branches that will help achieve the desired shape.

It is important to remember that pruning cherry trees in the spring should be neat and careful. Avoid cutting branches too deep, as this can cause damage to the tree and encourage infection and disease. Prune branches gradually and continually to keep your cherry tree healthy and attractive.

Now you know how to prune cherry trees in the spring. Proper pruning will help your tree become more beautiful, healthy and productive. Don’t forget that caring for cherries involves not only pruning, but also watering, fertilizing and pest control. All this together will help you enjoy the tasty and juicy fruits of your cherries year after year.

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