We tell you what gifts the animal will be happy with


12/31/2023 10:35

Experts shared what you can give your pets for the New Year 2024. After all, dogs and cats have long become members of our families, so we also want to congratulate our tailed pets.

It is noted that the gift should not only give the animal joy, but also be useful. Therefore, it is hardly worth giving your pet a new muzzle – he is unlikely to appreciate it. But your pet will surely like a variety of toys, especially if you are often not at home.

So, for a cat you can look for a ball, a funny mouse or feather, or fishing rod toys and a laser pointer for playing with the animal, in which you will directly participate. When purchasing, do not forget that there are toys that you should never buy, as they can injure the animal.

Dogs can look at the bedding to chew for their pleasure while lying on it, or balls and anything that can be dragged around the entire apartment. Also, any pet will be happy with a new soft bed or a whole house.

You can also try taking your pet to a groomer, where they will wash him, trim his nails, cut off mats, if any, and even perfume him with delicious pet perfume.

And of course, any pet will be happy with a selection of tasty and healthy food. It is best to buy not just one treat, but a whole box that will contain food, various treats, toys, vitamins and parasite repellents.

Author Victoria Borisyuk

Victoria Borisyuk is a journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service.

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