What awaits us in the year of the Dragon: forecast from an astrologer


The Year of the Green Dragon will begin on February 10, 2024, at approximately 02:00 Moscow time. For the Chinese, the dragon is a sacred animal, and the years that pass under its influence are associated with change, growth, and transformation. The key words here are “radical change.” What awaits us in the Year of the Dragon – the founder and methodologist of the School of Classical Astrology Astrogramma told Pravda.Ru readers Anna Galitskaya.

What awaits us in the Year of the Dragon: forecast from an astrologer

According to the Western tradition of astrology, the year will definitely be interesting: there will be a lot of news that can really change our lives. Two periods can be distinguished: the first – from January to the beginning of summer, when new projects will be successful, those involved in new branches of science and art will be lucky, both in terms of popularity and financially. This time is favorable for completely unexpected startups, and something that was not bet on can play out well. There are several astrological influences that indicate these trends will peak in April 2024. If someone wanted to start their own business and already have some specific plans, then this is a good time for change.

In the second half of the year, it would be nice to maintain your position: there will be various influences associated with testing a person’s readiness to follow the chosen path. In addition, at the end of May 2024, Jupiter – the planet of happiness, good luck and luck – moves from the solid earth sign of Taurus to the light airy sign of Gemini. And from the summer of 2024, luck is already on the side of those who calculate their actions well, are aware of current information, and whose work is related to travel, communication, and training. This trend will continue until the end of the year. At the same time, this position is not as strong as that of Jupiter in Taurus, so there is no hope for luck here: you need calculation, preparation, knowledge – only in this case will your endeavors be quite successful.

Since the second half of 2024 is more suitable for strengthening positions, starting something new at this time is not a very good idea, but developing what has already been started, preparing lightning rods just in case something happens (especially related to changes in laws ), it’s very worth it.

Another astrological influence will be relevant in the last three months of 2024: Mars – the planet of active actions, business, struggle – will go in retrograde motion, and therefore if you decide to start some kind of business project, then it should be either a very familiar one you care, or it will come to naught at some point. That is, this is not a very good time for long-term endeavors.

The end of 2024 will be successful for those who know how to direct their activity in a positive direction. It is very important not to give in to panic or rumors, and to find the strength to navigate a large amount of conflicting information. This is a good time for those who know how to negotiate with people, seek compromise and transform the situation in such a way as to direct their energy or irritation from the situation in a positive direction – into some kind of activity. This is the time when defending your rights using brute force can turn against the person who uses it. Those who are able to negotiate peacefully and find compromises, who make concessions while losing minimally in their positions, will be successful. And, of course, this is a good time for those who know how to understand current information well and separate the important from the superficial.

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